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Genoil Inc.

Genoil has the technology and process know how to convert heavy and sour crude oil into light sweet crude generating up to $38 dollars per barrel in profit. Our process reduces the carbon ratio as well as sulfur and other environmental impurities in oil which means our processed crude oil yields significantly more higher value light end products than if it had not been upgraded. We plan to complete our heavy oil upgrading refinery project in China by the end of 2019. By uniquely positioning ourselves in the marketplace, Genoil is better positioned to develop significant heavy oil resources than any other company, especially in today’s market environment. With well over 900 billion barrels of medium and heavy oil reserves that need to be upgraded, this is the world`s largest potential market opportunity – estimated at over $45 trillion.

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Crystal Oily Water Separator

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GHU Heavy Oil Upgrader (GHU), is a vastly improved fixed bed reactor technology for upgrading and desulfurizing crude and residual oil using hydrogen. With an extremely low OPEX of $3.00/ barrel, the GHU can increase the value of crude oil by over a $38.00/bbl profit on the spread. GHU was operated with Gulf Canada and Conoco at their bitumen oil fields in Kerrobert, Saskatchewan. Our patented process vastly improves the performance of the fixed bed reactor. Achieving a desulfurization rate of (99.5%), demetalization (98%), denitrogenation (53%) and a 92% conversion rate. The GHU can convert the 524 plus fraction by over 80% at the mild conditions of 745 F and 1600 psig and can reduce the acid number from 3.05 to .11.  With a 75% lower (CAPEX & OPEX) than any competing process the GHU can capture enormous profits for producers and unparalleled savings for consumers.

Low Sulfur Fuel Oil – 0.1% and 0.5 % IMO LSFO : Genoil can supply ultra low cost consistent quality ISO 8217:2010 compliant 0.1% & 0.5% LSFO worldwide to the shipping industry. Our goal is to meet worldwide demand and provide shipping companies with one standard product globally, that they are already familiar with. Our process is, environmentally friendly and is improves the latest fixed bed reactor technology.

Crystal Separation Technology : Crystal Separators exceed regulations by utilizing a filter-less operation, separating oil from water to below 2ppm! This design can be run continuously for years requiring NO down time and has the lowest cost of ownership on the market. Crystal is certified by the US Coast Guard and the American Bureau of Shipping. With no internal moving Crystal is designed to run 24 hours a day in the harshest environments. With an ultra-compact footprint Crystal is extremely customizable and can be utilized in a wide range of maritime and non maritime based applications.   Request a quote