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Yuri Chable Mexico Team Leader

Based in Villahermosa, Tabasco Yuri has had a long relationship with the US – Mexican Chamber President, Jose Garcia-Torres and has worked with him on many other projects in the past. Yuri is Genoil’s team leader to coordinate strategy and business development in Villahermosa and Agua Dulce for the implementation of Genoil GHU technology as well as Genoil’s partners’ products and services in Mexico. Yuri specialises in implementing new technologies for Canadian firms. He has twenty 20 years of experience and has been very successful in implementing various Canadian oil technologies and assisting startups around the world for the entire oil chain, both up and downstream.

Yuri was assigned by the Canadian Government to promote business opportunities and innovative technology outside of Canada. His main focus was to source foreign investors for projects overseas using Canadian technologies and to advise Canadian companies in implementing their new technologies worldwide. For Canadian Government, Yuri was operating and stationed in over twenty six countries. Besides supporting Canadian technologies worldwide, he also sourced investors for these overseas projects, matching the clients and investors in foreign countries to the Canadian companies. Yuri has also worked as an immigration and business consultant in Vancouver Canada for the Canadian Government.  He was responsible to source investment from overseas to Canada.

Yuri has worked in the Mexico oil Industry for Pemex over the past eight years with a focus on oil field stimulation modelling using new cutting edge Mexican steam generation technology.  Since 2014, he’s worked on projects for Pemex involving the injection of steam without water for the triphasic oil separators and Pipelines at the Dos Bocas Pemex Terminal with the purpose of removing paraffin and asphaltene from those units. He has years of experience promoting technology to Pemex in various fields including oil stimulation, treatment of fracking water and environmentally friendly solutions with high economical and technical feasibility. In 2016 Yuri Presented the state of Oklahoma a fracking water decontamination technology to solve the fracking water problem using a new Mexican mobile technology, this technology will help to avoid fracking and reduce earthquakes.

Yuri has a BA in Economics from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia and a MS in Financial and an Engineering degree in Electromechanics graduated from British Columbia Institute of Technology. Yuri is both a Canadian and Mexican citizen.

2017 Earthquake

Yuri Has been volunteering to assist people who were affected by the recent earthquakes in Mexico. Here are some photos