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GHU-Genoil Desulfurization Heavy Oil Upgrader – Fixed Bed Reactor technology

  • Can be utilised for a wide range of goals such as desulfurization or upgrading or both.
  • Engineering EPC Alliance with Beijing Petrochemical division of Yanchang Petroleum Group (Press Release).
  • BPEC EPC Guarantee for project and Genoil GHU Process to Clients.
  • Received $5 billion LOI from major Asian policy bank in April 2016 for project in the Middle East.
  • Alliance with the Shaw Group’s Stone & Webster’s 32,000 engineers who will assist Genoil as EPC contractor to build, and stand behind th GHU (Shaw Press Release)
  • Extremely low operating costs $ 4.00 per barrel.
  • Extremely low capital cost $ 7-10,000.00 per barrel.
  • New gas oil blending system which desulfurizes 95+% at up to 75% lower operating costs than competition.
  • IGCC Unit eliminates the need for external source of hydrogen or natural gas – extremely low total OPEX Cost.
  • IGCC provides a zero waste process.
  • Reduces the carbon ratio by more than 30%..
  • Significantly increases the product yields of all crudes. High liquid yields more than 100% of feed. 
  • Tremendous energy & efficiency savings over coking. GHU operates at lower pressures and temperatures.
  • Increase refinery profit margins by up to $50.00 per barrel. 
  • No coke production.
  • Adjustable product slate to meet increasing demand for low sulfur petroleum products, including diesel, jet fuel and gasoline.
  • Upgrades oil as low as 6.5 API. 
  • 10 bpd pilot demonstration unit in Sherwood Park Alberta Canada.
  • Gives refiners flexibility to process sour, acidic, heavier crude feed stocks or upgrade and recycle ATB / VTB residue back into the refinery overall process scheme producing high value product from the lowest value feed.

Crystal Sea Separator TM

  • No filters : Lowest operational costs of any separator on the market.   
  • Goes beyond compliance exceeding Coast Guard & ABS regulations.
  • No internal moving parts offer unsurpassed reliability.
  • No impact from ship’s movement. 
  • 5 ppm bilge alarm.
  • Unique six-stage design for high-efficiency and performance.
  • Very compact units for applications where space is at a premium.
  • Bilge water separation for sea-going vessels.
  • Suited for off-shore oil platforms. Gasoline/Diesel service stations airports and parking lots.
  • Service agents around the world.
  • Suitable for wastewater treatment plants, electrical generation plant.

Crystal Land Separator

  • Filterless: Land based (OWS) oily water separation unit, very similar to Crystal Sea. Designed to run continuously for years.
  • No internal moving parts – unsurpassed reliability.
  • Lowest cost of operation as Crystal does not require filter media.
  • Versatility for a wide range of applications.
  • Six stages located within a single unit.
  • Can separate all types of contaminants from water including sewage or other impurities.
  • Sales agents around the world.
  • Achieves 2.5ppm separation without filter.
  • Masters the four separation principles gravity, coalescing beads, vortex, and and have no internal moving parts. 
  • No limitations on oil particle size, and Crystal can separate emulsions and oils with very high densities. Our separator has an ultra compact footprint, Its incredibly versatile.
  • Suitable for oil wells which produce heavy amounts of water. Also suitable for airports etc..

The Genoil Diamond

  • Three phase well testing separator used to test oil well production in remote areas.
  • Separates three immiscible phases with different densities, 1) natural gas 2) crude oil 3) water & sand. 
  • Operates as a self-contained and compact unit. 
  • Can be installed in a permanent location.
  • Can be easily portable. Will fit on flat-bed trailer and moved from well to well. 
  • Easily connects to a well production line from atop the trailer.
  • Achieves separation of the three phases with virtually no heat consumption and no chemical requirements.

Genoil Sand Decontamination Technology (GSDT)

  • The most agricultural friendly technology on the market. 
  • Most effective and profitable process to cleanse contaminated sand from petroleum spills.
  • Minimal water or sea water and energy consumption. 
  • Reclaims almost 100% of oil from waste pits and beaches contaminated by petroleum. 
  • Recently improved patent 2010.
  • Ability to operate with sea water. 
  • Meets environmental & agricultural health standards.

Genoil Port Cleaning Solutions

  • Pollution prevention that not only pays for itself but generates profits.
  • Unique in ability to process slop sludge and bilge water quickly.
  • Centralized treatment.
  • Exceeds Coast Guard regulations of 15ppm.
  • Economical operation.
  • Proprietary process utilizing our slop oil treatment.
  • Also Utilizes Crystal Sea Separators.  

Slop/Waste Oil Treatment System Technology

  • Unique in its ability to process slop sludge quickly into sale-able product.
  • Profitable environmental rehabilitation.
  • Best solution on the market for waste pits and oil pools.
  • Extremely low cost of operation. Extremely profitable.
  • Incredibly compact centralized or portable design for applications where space is at a premium.
  • Proprietary process which efficiently tackles tank bottoms and waste pits.
  • Coast Guard, ABS, & MarPol IMO MEPC 107 compliant.
  • Can treat extremely small emulsions.
  • Can eliminate the need for storage tanks or waste pits eliminating local dangerous groundwater contamination.
  • Can be integrated into existing wastewater plants.      

Crystalline Free Water Knockout Zero PPM Polishing Unit

  • Zero PPM without the need for back-flushing.
  • Capital costs are covered by reclaimed crude oil.
  • Extremely low operating costs.
  • No consumables needed.
  • No pressure loss across unit.
  • No limitation on particle size.
  • Chemical free.

Wastewater Recycling

  • No periodic filter maintenance.
  • Provides irrigation for lush lawns & gardens in arid areas.
  • Recycles all waste water greatly reducing water demands from irrigation.
  • Low capital cost and elimination of expensive piping sewage networks.
  • Outstanding reliability for safe and uninterrupted operation.
  • Mobile easily transportable and expandable.
  • Exteremely low power usage.
  • Environmentally compliant.
  • Eliminates pollution risks in congested areas. Can be installed in extremely remote areas.

Genoil Fish Farm Pollution Prevention

  • Greatly reduced fish mortality rate.
  • 100% elimination of fish waste.
  • Significant reduction of disease and infection.
  • Elimination of nitrogen & phosphorous.
  • UV sterilization.

Genoil Allegretto Centrifuge

  • 1000 Liters/hr.
  • Type: Purifier.
  • Max Rotational speed 30,000 rpm.
  • Can withstand pressure of 3000 psi
  • Incredible G forces