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Genoil is poised to become a leading global provider of proven hydroconversion fixed bed technology for upstream and downstream oil and gas industry. The corporation has invested $80 million in R&D to develop the most efficient technology available today. Genoil is also working with a top Chinese policy bank and Chinese companies to provide ultra competitive project financing, drilling, production, and processing services to the oil and gas industry. Through these partnerships and strong financial backing, Genoil can supply the oil industry with a full range of products and services, from exploration through production, solutions for hydrocarbon development and recovery, upgrading and environmental dkl in the middle eastprotections services. Complemented by partners who have many years of operational experience we can provide a wide range of process technologies at unparalleled value to our customers. Our focus on innovative engineering provides our customers with state-of-the-art solutions that add value, lower operating and capital costs, and improve environmental performance.

Market Drivers 

There are 900 billion proven barrels of heavy and medium crude oil in the world. The scope of the opportunity is Genoil can convert these 900 billion barrels creating an average increased incremental value of $25.00 per barrel based on $50 Brent Crude over the next 20 years. Genoil has the capability of unlocking $22 trillion in value over this period.

  • Increase usage of heavier and dirtier crude due to reduced supply of light crude.
  • Reduced market for fuel oil due to environmental legislation.
  • High crude price demands better crude utilization.
  • Stringent environmental regulations demand improved FCCU feed quality.

Latest Developments

  1. Looking to raise $150 billion dollars for heavy crude upgrading projects to supply China with new sources of light sweet crude oil.
    • November 2016 signed $ 50 billion LOI with Grozneft to provide funding in Russia
    • April 2016 received $5 billion LOI from major Chinese bank for project in Middle East
  2. Securing project financing of Genoil’s first heavy oil refinery in China. Contract signed last year. In January 2015, Signed $700 million contract with Zhongjie Petrochemical to build a new refinery in China. Chinese partner invested $4 million already.
  3. February 2017, signed MOU with Bomin Group, a leading global physical supplier and trader of marine fuel, to develop low sulphur fuel products compliant with the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) newly announced global low sulphur fuel regulations
  4. Jan 2016, Signed agreement with Beijing Petrochemical to guarantee Genoil projects and process.


HYT Refinery Model

Revenue Generation

ECM Revenue – (Engineering and Consulting) – The ECM revenue involves the upfront/basic engineering, project design, procurement and implementation for upstream and downstream projects. These revenues are typically 15% to 20% of the total project costs.

Licensing Fee / Royalties – This is a long-term licensing agreement where the fees are based on the profitability of the Genoil process where Genoil will capture 15% of the profit from each flowing barrel per day.

Profit Share – Income generated from Genoil’s ongoing participation and ownership of a project in the case of Zhongjie Petrochemical and Genoil’s Joint Venture, Genoil will own 70% of the project.

Fundraising – Genoil to earn 5% on monies raised. Genoil intends to ear $2.5 billion for raising $50 billion.

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HYT Refinery in China