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Ioan Gordan

Ioan Gordan – Engineering Consultant – Oil Water Treatment Division (Romania)

Who has worked for Genoil Inc. since 2002 :

He has received a masters degree of science from the Institute of Polytechnics in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Conducted research and development for Genoil Inc. of Sherwood Park, AB for building the world’s fastest disk stack centrifuge, which was tested successfully at 30,000 rpm, developed patentable frictionless seals and oil mist distribution for lubricating bearings.

He along with Mr. Costinel Ioan performed computing methods for determining the optimal strength/pressure ratios of each component of Crystal Sea separators for reducing costs and obtaining US Coast Guard approval, engineered internal components of Crystalline polishing units for conformity with TUV and ASME standards.

He is currently hydro-cyclone research for Genoil in Romania.