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Bruce Abbott Executive Profile

President & Chief Operating Officer

Bruce Abbott is president, chief operating officer of Genoil Inc. and a member of the company’s board of directors. He has worked with Genoil since 2008.

Corporate Direction & Strategy

Bruce Abbott oversees the corporate direction and strategy for Genoil’s global sales, support, consulting, marketing, alliances and opportunities. He has implemented new strategies, and developed a global network of relationships which have led the company to the signing of a $50 billion letter of intent in Russia, a $700 million contract in China, the signing of an EPC agreement with Beijing Petrochemical Engineering who guarantee’s the Genoil process and projects to clients, and a $ 5 billion LOI from the largest banking institution in China. These recent contracts have helped to share Genoil’s vision and strategy with industry wide customers and investors. Bruce is focused on developing a work environment built on strong values, fairness, human dignity and trust.  He has rebuilt the organization around talented people who share in these core values.