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Alternative and Green Energy Stocks

Enormous Potential from World Class Team of Experts.

It’s not often you come across of team of experts as impressive as the one assembled at GenOil Inc., (GNOLF) an Oiltech start-up with an intensely promising clean oil technology. GenOil is lead by successful entrepreneur David K Lifschultz, who manages a well respected Family Office and counts President Donald Trump (see press reports) and Blackstone’s Stephen Schwarzman as close associates and/or business partners.

Genoil has put this team of experts together to monetize a technological solution, which reduces sulfur in dirty oil (HSFO – or high sulfur fuel oil) into cleaner LSFO – or low sulfur fuel oil. A lot of money (billions in fact) can be made from converting low-cost dirty oil into ‘acceptably-cleaner’ higher value fuel oil.

In addition (stroke of good fortune), the International Maritime Organization (an agency of the United Nations) has mandated that the worldwide shipping industry in just 2 ½ years – must reduce sulfur, to diminish acid rain and other health problems – which could possibly crush the entire shipping industry, as it is addicted to low-cost high sulfur oil despite all of the pollution its use creates.
So in sum, clean oil, now must be used. The days of dirty shipping oil, are soon to be phased out.READ MORE