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Yaltiza Josefina Villavicencio De Perez

Mrs. Villavicencio is a Oil Geologist and Industrial Engineer, with 25 years of experience working all over Latin America in static characterization and dynamics of petrophysical models. Mrs. Villavicencio has a deep knowledge of oil field assets in Mexico and will assist Genoil and our partners to to identify opportunities in Mexico.

She worked in the review, visualization and petrophysical analysis of the fields of the Round 1.3 of the Hydrocarbons National Commision in Mexico. Yaltiza has a lot of experience working for Pemex in Static and / or Dynamic Models in Tabasco and Chiapas oilfields doing different petrophysical characterizations and is familiar with many Mexican oil field assets. Yaltiza is deeply familiar with these producing assets of the southern oil field region of Pemex.

She has experience in the realization of the petrophysical models of the Lagunillas Bachaquero area, Miocene wells with Extra Heavy Oil of the Lagunillas-Lago field of Venezuela.

She provides technical support in project opportunities for oil companies in Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador. For reservoir development area she developed new drilling opportunities, and wells repairs and reconditioning, interpretation of conventional and non conventional logs, wells petrophysical evaluations, operational follow up to wells and petrophysical interpretations.