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Welcome to GenOil Inc.

Genoil is a research and development company focused on crude and residual oil desulfurization, upgrading, carbon reduction,  and water purification technologies. Through our unique alliances with national oil companies and many heads of state also a relationship with the office of SBK Commercial Business Group LLC. as well as E.P.C. giants like Technip and others, Genoil’s has the ability to handle megaprojects. Genoil has become a pillar of the clean technology vision. Facing the challenge of how to meet the world’s growing energy needs while also reducing the impact of energy use on the environment.  


GHU Heavy Oil Desulfurization Upgrader ®, is a revolutionary fixed bed reactor technology for treading crude and residual oil using hydrogen and can increase refinery margins & Crude oil value by $38.00/bbl profit. The fixed bed reactor based GHU was developed together with Gulf Canada and Conco at their bitumen oil fields in Kerrobert, Saskatchewan. Our patented process  vastly improves the fixed bed reactors’ desulfurization (99.5%), demetalization (98%), denitrogenation (53%) and conversion rates. The GHU can convert the 524 plus fraction by over 80% at the mild conditions of 745 F and 1600 psig. In addtion the reduction in the acid number from 3.05 to .11, that is a 96% conversion rate. With over 900 billion barrels of medium and heavy oil reserves which needs upgrading, this is the world’s largest potential market opportunity estimated at over $45 trillion. Genoil will be the first to capture this market with our worldwide strategic partnerships in place. With a 75% lower (CAPEX & OPEX) than any competing process or refinery the GHU can capture enormous profits for producers and unparalleled savings for consumers. 


Crystal Sea Separator TM, exceeds regulations by utilizing  a filter-less operation separating oil from water to below 2ppm! This revolutionary oil water separator (OWS) can run continuously requiring no “down time” and because of filterless operation has the lowest cost of ownership on the market. Crystal is certified by the US Coast Guard and the American Bureau of Shipping. With no internal moving parts Crystal Sea greatly exceeds the guidelines and compliance standards of the United States Coast Guard and the International Maritime Organizations Resolution MEPC 107 (49) for pollution prevention equipment for ship bilges. Manufactured by DongHwa Entec in South Korea, our separators ensure high performance, outstanding reliability, and are suited for a wide range of installations. The system goes beyond compliance to reduce the impurities in water to 2 part per million without the use of any filters, and almost has no cost of operation. As with the Crystal Separator, user friendly features such as semi automated operation, self-cleaning oil sensors, and automatic shut down. Quick and easy setup, so that any time, effort, or money needed for installation is significantly reduced. The Crystal Sea separates also segregates the different types of oil reclaimed such as motor, heavy fuel, slop, and crude oil. This is the only technology designed to take oil out of the bilge and convert it back to valuable product for resale.  Request a quote


Crystal Land Separator, Filter-less operation and the only separator capable of removing dissolved contaminants, it was designed for the rigors of the oil field and is a land based two phase oily water separation unit, like the Crystal Sea, requires no filter and with no internal moving parts is designed to run 24 hours a day in the harshest environment. Crystal can keep up with the most aggressive production quotas and never gives up. Our separators are designed to run non stop 24/7/3650. Ten years of continuous operation is not too demanding, Crystal can handle any production schedule you bring at it. Each stage is devised to quickly remove oil particles of a certain size and to render the liquid cleaner for the next stage. Furthermore, it also precludes undue contamination and clogging of various stages by oil, resulting in trouble-free and inexpensive automated operation.  There are no limitations on oil particle size, and Crystal quickly separates emulsions and oils with very high densities. Our separator has an ultra compact footprint and is incredibly versatile. It is extremely customizable and can be utilized in a wide range of applications such as sand washing plants, oil platforms, wastewater treatment plants and salt mines.  As with the Crystal Sea, the Crystal is the only separator designed to segregate different types of oil for resale. We encourage you to visit one of our units in the field and look forward to custom building any size for your specific applications. Request a quote 

“2015 will be the most important and exciting year in Genoil’s history”
David Lifschultz, Chief Executive Officer