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Marco Quintela


Marco Quintela – Senior Technologist

Mr. Quintela has over ten years of experience in operations, process control and technology. Throughout his career he has been primarily involved with the technological evolution of Genoil’s heavy oil upgrader (GHU) since its pilot plant inception. He is currently the senior process operator supervisor/ technologist, focusing on conducting meticulous and successful analytical test runs for international oil giants at the world’s only Genoil Hydroconversion Unit (GHU) testing facility.  Previously, Mr. Quintela has also been involved with Genoil’s sand decontamination facility and Crustal oil water separation technologies that have been certified by the US Coast Guard.

He has a Chemical engineering technology diploma from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (CET).

Marco has just completed the installation of a Crystal Sea Separator on board a VLCC (very large crude carrier). He recently rejoined this vessel and is in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.