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Lisbet Milexa Torres González

Genoil, Manager of Oil Production Engineer, Project Manager Production, Productivity Yields & Economic Evaluations

Ms. González has over twenty five years of experience in oil field development and development of projects and production of deposits, as well as in the design of exploration plans, economic assessments and development of the oilfields, in the main operating companies and services in Mexico Ecuador and Venezuela. In the last ten years she has worked in twelve multidisciplinary projects, seven of which had as main objective to optimize and to make continuous improvements to wells and fields. Her activities were focused on production-pressure analysis, predictions and production monitoring, selection of candidates for repairs, stimulations, dropouts, artificial lift system modeling, in wells with different endings in sand or carbonate deposits, while being responsible that the project will be executed in a timely manner. Ms. González participated as a reservoir engineer and modeler in five projects of evaluation and development and implementation of plans for exploitation of reservoirs in incorporation of new reserves and planning, drilling or repair of wells through integral models of characterization and physical, economic and risks and like Yuri Chable has extensive experience in alternating steam injection projects. Lisbet has twelve years as an area engineer in the field and production and has two years of experience as business developer of consulting projects and tenders of oil fields in services company finalizing seventeen projects. She has been an instructor in specialized courses areas of reservoir, well productivity, statistics and probabilities. She will support the Genoil in Mexico in business development and to win bids and help to evaluate oil field assets.



Lisbet has worked with Halliburton for ten years in the positions of Senior Consultant of Oilfield and Production Business Developer and Consultant III of Lands and Economic Evaluations.

She has been involved in the development of many projects in Mexico and Ecuador for Halliburton.

  • Feasibility analysis for reactivation and development of the Íride Somero field”  for Pemex.
  • Reactivation of Closed Wells. Assets Macuspana- Muspac and Bellota Chinchorro. ” Pemex Analysis of 65 closed wells, 28 candidates to intervene, estimated production increase 4.0 Mbpd oil. Campos: Cactus, Copano, Cathedral, Giraldas, Muspac, Artesa, Sunuapa, Shishito, National Fortuna, Puerto Ceiba, Tecominoacan, Jujo Cárdenas Tajón
  • Productivity and Optimization of Artificial Systems of Survey: Cactus Sitio Grande, San Manuel and Carmito Artesa”. Pemex .. Analysis of 50 wells, 32 candidates to intervene, increase in production: 7.7 MBpd of oil and 20.5 MMcfd of gas savings.
  • Analysis of the Steam Injection Mastery Project in Samaria Somero”. Evaluation of pilot test results and steam injection massification in the Samaria Somero project.
  • Project FEL-II Samaria Somero. Campos Samaria Somero, Carrizo, Íride and Platanal “. Conceptualization of the Exploitation Plan, production of heavy and extra-heavy oil with alternating steam injection, estimation of reserves and production profiles under risk and uncertainty.
  • Tender for the Campos Auca and Cuyabeno-Sansahuari. Petroecuador. Ecuador. A favorable ruling was obtained. Elaboration of the integral model of reservoir evaluation of scenarios and tariffs
  • Project FEL I Samaria Somero. Fields. Samaria, Carrizo, Íride and Platanal. Pemex-Mexico. Visualization of the Exploitation Plan Favorable opinion fulfilling established goal.

Lisbet has lectured on “Management of DMS Software” and “Integral Methodology of Productivity” to staff of the Mexican Institute of Petroleum, (IMP). Probabilities and Statistics, Interpretation of Production Records, Economic Evaluations of Oil Projects and Analysis of Heavy Oil Fields, to Halliburton personnel.