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Karim Assad – Mid East Special Advisor

Karim who is based in Dubai for Genoil Emirates started his career as a private advisor more than a decade ago, at the Court of the Moroccan Royal Palace. He worked as an investment banker at Millennium Capital dubai-20140522-00034Resources in New York City for several years, where he conducted in depth research and analysis on the Oil & Gas industry, resulting in the approval of the development for a $4.5 billion investment of an overseas oil refinery with a capacity of 330,000 barrels per day.  After which he ventured to become a stock broker for Andrew Garrett Inc, where he impacted sales and strengthened relations with broker-dealer management, by bringing personal clients to AGI with over $50 million in assets.  

Karim received his Bachelor in Business Administration from Lynn University in sunny Boca Raton FL, with a major in International Business. He graduated from High School at New York Military Academy as a Lieutenant.

Karim is an environmentalist. He is fluent in English, French, Swedish, and can understand Spanish and Arabic.