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John I. Novak

Genoil welcomes Mr. Novak to its world class advisory board:

Mr. Novak until his retirement was Director of the New Venture Organization and Chief Business Strategist reporting directly to the Chairman of GM Hughes Electronics, the world’s leading satellite communication systems companies. His prior assignment was Director of Hughes Telecommunications and Space Company, concentrating on strategy and technology development for the information, data, and entertainment market segments. Previously, he was Assistant Director responsible for developing system approaches and technology for the company-wide corporate Space Defense Initiative, and has over twenty years of experience in government business, focusing on new business development campaigns resulting in billions of dollars of new sales.

After retiring from Hughes Mr. Novak remained active in the commercial satellite business, and with two of his associates started a satellite based direct-to-home broadcast service for the Asian market. Over $500 million was raised to manufacture, launch, and operate two satellites and purchase one on orbit operational satellite. The first satellite was built by Loral and launched successfully on an Ariane V from French Guiana. The satellite was designed to provide direct broadcast service to all of India. The second satellite was manufactured by Boeing and launched successfully on a Proton from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The satellite was designed to provide direct broadcast service to all of Indonesia. The third satellite purchased on orbit provides service to all of the Philippines.

Achievements: As Director of the New Venture Organization, Mr. Novak was responsible for identifying and developing new business campaigns based on companies core technologies and market and service competencies. Mr. Novak developed and led the campaign, which resulted in the worldwide new business opportunity, HughesNet, which was internally funded by GM Hughes for $1.5 billion, and provides two way high speed Internet service to medium and large businesses and to homes. He developed the corporate strategic approach and implementation for the Geosynchronous Orbit (GEO), Medium Earth Orbit (MEO), and Low Earth Orbit satellite based mobile communications new business opportunities. HughesNet and mobile telephone programs, which included the ICO MEO Mobile program developed for Inmarsat, and the Thuraya Mobile program developed for the Thuraya Satellite Communications Company provided new sales for Hughes in the multi-billion dollar range. Today, Thuraya Satellite Communications Company, located in Abu Dhabi – UAE provides mobile telephone service to over a hundred countries including countries in Europe, North and Central Africa, the Middle East, the CIS countries, and South Asia.

Additionally, he was instrumental in initiating the Hughes effort in XM Radio. This business, located in Washington D.C. provides over a hundred and thirty channels of CD quality entertainment throughout the United States. As of January 2010 XM Radio had over 10 million subscribers. It is projected that in another six years XM Radio will provide a revenue stream in excess of $2 billion dollars. Another of his activities included the launch of a DirecTV business in Russia, which began operation in January 1999, and provides fifty channels of international video programming directly to the consumer throughout Western Russia. This system was provided to MediaMost in Moscow, headed by Vladimir A. Goussinsky. When it began initial service and needed European additional programming to begin service, Mr. Novak met with the Roving Ambassador of Culture for France in Paris and negotiated with the President of Channel 5 for enough programming to support five European channels of programming.

During the year prior to his retirement, he concentrated his efforts primarily on the rapidly emerging NewMedia opportunity including digital music, books, games, and interactive entertainment delivered by satellite and the Internet. He led a world-class team consisting of Hughes, IBM, Lucent, EMI, Warner, and Sony to capture this key business.

As Assistant Director of the Hughes Telecommunications and Space Company’s information, data, and entertainment activities, he was directly responsible for developing strategy for positioning the Company’s long-range telecommunications opportunities. This activity included in-depth evaluations of both terrestrial and space telecommunications systems and their respective roles over the next fifteen years. This effort included in-depth understanding of telephone and cable companies including their strategies, capabilities, limitations, and business thrusts. HughesNet and Satellite Mobile Telephone programs developed from these efforts.

As Assistant Director of the Space Defense Initiative campaign, Mr. Novak was directly responsible for developing the coordinated company-wide SDI related new business effort. Key highlights during the campaign include winning major government programs, including LEO based Brilliant Eyes and Ground Based Interceptor. The later win, worth over a half billion dollars to Hughes, resulted in Mr. Novak’s effort to develop a sensor approach and strategy to differentiate Hughes from competition.

During Mr. Novak’s twenty years in government programs, culminating in the position as Director, he concentrated on new business development; efforts resulting in positioning Hughes as a premier contractor in government programs. His personal contributions included winning various government classified programs with a total value in the multi-billion dollar range. Key to these wins was development of critical leading edge technology. Mr. Novak is a leader in obtaining hundreds of millions of dollars of critical technology funding, utilizing a team of over a hundred multi-disciplined engineers and scientists working across the entire spectrum of government programs. Those efforts included developing initial concepts, system approaches, enabling technologies, winning strategies, on-time development and delivery to the customer.


Education: Carnegie Mellon Department of Physics…B.S.

Lehigh University Department of Physics…Graduate Studies

Anderson School of Management, UCLA…Executive Program

Personal: Mr. John Novak is married with one married daughter and has varied

Interests, which include advanced technology, archeology, travel, psychology, the Internet, computers, reading, camping, and mountain climbing

Awards: Hughes Corporate Outstanding Performer

Patents: Awarded numerous patents in the field of telecommunications and space systems





















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