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Genoil Sand Decontamination Technology (GSDT),

Genoil Sand Decontamination Technology (GSDT), is the most agricultural friendly and profitable process to cleanse contaminated sand soil and mud from petroleum spills, using minimal water or sea water and energy consumption. Our process economically reclaims almost 100% of oil from waste pits and beaches contaminated by petroleum. Genoil was one of the first companies to enter this field a decade ago, and our recently improved patented revolutionary extraction and soil remediation methods are the most profitable and effective in the world. Our portable unit also removes and reclaims almost 100% of the oil from the sand and due to its ability to operate with sea water, is the most cost effective mobile environmental cleanup solution available. We are the only company of our kind using this innovative process that is both efficient and environmentally friendly. We are the only process able to reclaim enough contaminants to return the earth to agricultural grade soil meeting environmental & agricultural health standards.