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Genoil Hydroconversion Desulfurization Upgrader ®

Genoil Hydroconversion Desulfurization Upgrader ® , in recent tests desulfurized without the need for external hydrogen at a rate of 99.5% with an operating cost saving of 61% compared with conventional competing technologies. Our process operates independently at a well, or at a refinery. The GHU upgrader significantly increases the product yields of all crudes including light, Arab Heavy, extra heavy, and heavy refinery feedstocks by dramatically raising the API and reducing sulfur.  Turning lower value oil into high value crude oil and transportation fuels is what we do best.  The GHU performs two tasks simultaneously, upgrading and desulfurization with incredible economics, and has been tested successfully on oil as low as 6.5 API. Our process achieves a zero waste bottomless barrel in the upgrading process unlike any traditional upgrading methods, and the heavier residue fraction left after upgrading is reused in a syntheses gas gasifier to produce the required hydrogen, steam and power to operate the process. Click Here to read more