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Genoil Polishing “Crystalline”

Genoil’s new Crystalline polishing units have been devised to remove oil particles to zero ppm. The most advanced polishing units currently in use cannot reduce the oil content below 50 mg/l. Furthermore, there is a limitation on oil particles size, which must be above 20 microns. The performance of older units is even more unsatisfactory, with oil content in the effluent exceeding 200 mg/l.

The importance of minimizing the oil content cannot be emphasized enough.

As produced water is pumped into the formation, oil prematurely plugs the well with significant economic losses.

crystaline 006

In other cases produced water eventually reaches nearby seas causing severe pollution such as in the Baku region of Azerbaijan. Furthermore, a certain amount of oil is irremediably lost when the produced water leaves the battery. For example, an oil content of 200 mg/l results in a loss of 200 grams of oil for every cubic meter of produced water or 1300 barrels a year in a typical battery in Alberta, Canada.                                                                                                                          
More importantly, in order to improve the performance of obsolete API separators the temperature of the liquid needs to be elevated at high levels with significant consumption of heat energy.
Various attempts have been made to reduce the amount of oil contained by the produced water, yet there is none that can effectively achieve this.                                                                                  
Genoil has the only known polishing unit that can reduce the oil content to 0 mg/l without filters or other consumables. Uniquely, its performance is not adversely affected by oil particle size and quite obviously there is no limitation on it as with other polishing units. Each Genoil Polishing stage is designed to remove oil particles of a certain size, with the last stage being capable of extracting most minute droplets. As the oil is removed progressively, this results in manageable loads for each stage and greater effectiveness in accomplishing oil-water separation.

Genoil Polishing Unit is not prone to clogging and are self-cleaning requiring no maintenance. The internal parts are made of stainless steel for outstanding durability. The only moving parts are an oil transfer pump and pneumatically actuated valves which were carefully selected for their outstanding reliability.


  •  Extremely low operating costs; no consumables needed
  •  The capital costs are covered by the reclaimed crude oil
  •  No limitation on particle size
  •  Recovered oil is dehydrated
  •  Constant performance at very low temperatures
  •  No pressure loss across the unit
  •  Does not require back-flushing
  •  No chemicals required