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Eder Armando Hernández Cruz

Mr. Hernández is a petroleum chemical engineer, with a master degree in petroleum engineering with 7 years of experience in projects related to surface facilities for the collection, treatment, processing and transportation in the petroleum production process considering the incorporation of new technologies and best practices. He has extensive knowledge in the analysis and evaluation of artificial systems, well engineering.

Eder has knowledge in the management of the simulators PIPESIM, WellFlo, PROSPER, SubPump, HYSYS, ReO and GAP. Eder has worked in several projects in the offshore and southern regions of Pemex on Integral Asset Model (MBAL, PROSPER, GAP) for the Ixtal – Manik Project of the Abkatún Pol Chuc Production Asset, in order to represent the well behavior and determine the deviations or variations of production according to the operational movements that affect to the current distribution. Mr. Hernandez has worked on upgrading the Integral Production Model a compositional model (MBAL, PROSPER, GAP) of the Grijalva Deltal Exploitation Project of the Samaria Luna Production Asset. Eder has worked on well infrastructure evaluation of the pump and storage in Central Tajin for Pemex in Poza Rica and Veracruz Mexico. He has done technical assistance for Integral Modeling Subsoil-Well-Surface of the fields of producing asset, Aceite Terciario del Golfo and has explored well exploitation alternatives of Samaria Somero Project. He is an expert on technical design, development and optimization of integral production systems in the Veracruz Integral Asset (AIV).