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Dr. Victor Solovyev

Project Manager for Genoil Refining Process

Mr. Solovyev is currently Genoil’s project manager for Petrochemical and Refining processes. He will working closely with Raushan Telyashev leveraging the relationships of up to sixty top level engineers. Like Raushan, Victor was previously working with JSC “VNII NP” (All Russian Research Institute of Oil Refining) based in Moscow and he was the head of the Petrochemicals Laboratory there. AT JSC “ASTERIA” in Moscow, Victor was the Technical and Commercial Director of Petrochemicals. From 2004 to 2012 Voctor was the Technical & Commercial Manager of CRI Catalyst for Shell Global Solutions, one of the world leaders in catalyst sales for refinery and chemical industries, via CRI/Criterion Company, LTD. Genoil in the past has used Shell Criterion Catalysts for GHU pilot testing. From 1992 – 2004 Victor was with Shell Chemicals North East Europe and was Product Manager of Petrochemicals.

Victor graduated from the USSR Ministry of Foreign Trade Academy. He received his PhD in Chemistry at the A.V. Topchiev National Academy of Sciences Institute of Petroleum Synthesis. Victor also graduated from the Yaroslavl Technological Institute.

Victor is the author of more than 30 scientific articles, in particular in such journals as “Petrochemistry”, “Kinetics and Catalysts”. He was the author of more than 7 papers in particular:   “Hydrogenation KataLeuna Catalyst for PyGas purification”, International Conference for Ethylene and Benzene Production” 2010, 2) “CRI Catalyst for Styrene production”, “International Conference for Ethylene and Benzene Production” 2003. Married with two children, Victor speaks French & English.