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Corporate Profile


Genoil is a publicly traded Canadian engineering technology development company headquartered in Edmonton Alberta, with offices in Calgary, Sherwood Park, New York City, Constanta Romania, and Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Genoil offers an array of clean tech petroleum technologies. Committed to sustainability, Genoil operates two major research facilities located Canada and Romania.  It owns and operates a world class 10 bpd hydroconversion upgrader (GHU) complete with independent water electrolysis unit for high purity hydrogen supply, hydrogen compressor, electrical substation, fired heater, low-pressure separator for vapor-liquid separation, and a PLC for automated operational control in Two Hills, Canada. Genoil’s research and development (R&D) personnel develop cutting edge methods and new breakthrough patents to find solutions to the world’s complex energy problems.

Genoil also owns several patents related the the GHU, it’s water purification, well testing, sand cleaning technologies, and environmental remediation technologies. Genoil has been successful in patenting these new technologies and with a most recent patent on its sand cleaning technology. With new corporate structure, Genoil looks to make the most of the recovering world market. Through numerous technologies and market applications Genoil tracks several components and indicators to lead the way forward. In 2011 Genoil anticipates accelerated growth during the coming economic recovery. 

Non Reliance on Natural Gas

Countries in the Middle East rely heavily on imported natural gas. One breakthrough Genoil has achieved with it’s GHU upgrader is it’s ability to hydro-convert the oil without an external source of hydrogen, or natural gas.  According to the Department of Energy, The United Arab Emirates domestic demand exceeds production. The UAE imports 361 billion cubic feet of natural gas per year. The reliance upon natural gas for injection into mature oil fields further compounds the strain on natural gas supplies. As the UAE & Saudi Arabia continues their rapid growth, demand for natural gas is set to dramatically increase.


Genoil has developed strong bilateral relations with other great companies and regional partners such as HH Sultan Bin Khalifa Bin Zayad Al Nahayan Holdings in the UAE. With an experienced staff and partners, we are newly recognized leaders in the engineering, design and supply of advanced systems and components for the desulfurization and upgrading of all different types of crude oil, VTB and ATB residue for the refining and petrochemical industries. As an integrated engineering / equipment supplier / construction company, and through our exclusive alliance with the engineering giant Stone & Webster, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Shaw Group Inc., Genoil offers its customers unparalleled excellence. No project is too large or small. Genoil possesses the full service resources needed by project engineers and facilities planners. We offer clients the best first class technologies and have differentiated ourselves through our partnership with 32,000 competent talented Stone & Webster engineers whose fully integrated services professionals are ready for projects ranging from conceptual designs, through feasibility studies, to complete turnkey (EPC) system installations. 


In Romania at our oil and water separation headquarters Genoil’s engineers have completed a lesser expensive version of Crystal aimed at the new build market.  The oil water separation team is also working on new business models and applications. Our president Bruce Abbott fully understands each and every technology.  All our engineers understand each department’s projects and through familiarization and commitment are successfully inventing technically superior solutions to our customer needs. Our staff of professionals consists of skilled problem solvers specializing in multi-component distillation, adsorption, liquid extraction, thermal / vacuum and custom vacuum processes — Some of our core capabilities serving the hydrocarbon, natural gas and industrial industry. Genoil can do it all – process optimization, detailed engineering design, control system design, hardware selection, procurement, supply system modules, fabrication and installation.

Our engineering services include ASME Sections I, III, VIII and IX vessel design, civil design, structural design, pipe stress analysis and finite element analysis. Modular designs offer lower cost, shorter field assembly and construction time and superior quality. Genoil project management works in concert with our equipment and module suppliers to ensure total project management from conceptual design to delivery. Genoil supplies our customers with efficient, thorough, state-of-the-art process plants at very cost effective and competitive cost. The Genoil team of professionals pursues excellence on your behalf.

We work closely with our customers and partners to meet or exceed specifications, develop schedules, quality standards and team building to assure that the job is done right the first time. Every time.


Engineering Services:

Genoil provides hydrocarbons and petrochemical process engineering for the upgrading of high sulphur heavy crude oil and tower bottoms (residue), along with design and supply of plant modules. The Genoil staff of professional engineers includes all disciplines required for process and detailed design and supply of equipment and process modules in support of our customers and our affiliate’s plant requirements. Genoil specializes in the supply of modules fabricated and constructed for a cost effective approach to installation at our customer’s plant site. Our approach allows our customers to bring new technology and plants on steam with lower capital cost and shorter construction schedules.

Supply Services:

Genoil staff delivers high quality designs and supply of fabricated modules and equipment services on time and on budget working closely with our customers and affiliates in a spirit of cooperation to meet or exceed specifications and to develop schedules, quality standards and team building to assure the project is executed right the first time, every time in support of our installation services.

Consulting Services:

Genoil draws on all of our core capabilities and over 100 years of combined experience to provide the oil and gas industry with innovative technically advanced systems designs providing a full scope of integrated process systems and services to meet the demanding market conditions of today and into the future.

Environmental (Zero Waste): 

Genoil’s GHU offers unmatched desulfurization and carbon reduction technology. Capable of treating low, moderate, and high sulfur crude eliminating it by 99.5%, thus creating tremendous added value. We have achieved the most significant sulfur reduction breakthrough in refining history to meet worldwide regulation of low sulfur fuel. In essence we have overcome the environmental obstacles of heavy and high carbon & sulfur crude oil.  With our commercially viable solution, Genoil is at the center of the clean tech movement in the refining sector. As a result of our management and engineering commitment to excellence Genoil is setting the global standard for reducing environmental impacts and supporting environmental solutions for a sustainable future. Genoil’s commitment and dedication is unparalleled, working to develop technologies that help protect the environment and address the worldwide sulfur regulatory trends.


Oil Upgrading and Desulfurization : Genoil Hydroconversion Desulfurization Upgrader,

Marine Oil & Water Separation : Crystal Sea Separator TM,

Oil Field Oil & Water Separation : Crystal Separator,

Well Testing 3 Phase Separation : The Genoil Diamond,  Maxis 3 Phase Centrifugal Separation see below*

Soil & Sand Remediation : Genoil Sand Decontamination Technology (GSDT),

Marine Environmental Remediation & Contamination Prevention : Genoil Port Cleaning Solutions,

Reclamation & Recycling of Waste Oil : Slop Oil Treatment System Technology,

Disk Stacked Centrifuge : Allegretto Super High Speed Disk Centrifuge

Oil Spill Management: Genoil’s Emergency Environmental Spill Response

Maxis 3 Phase Centrifugal Separation,

Genoil’s centrifugal oil-water separation technologies include the Maxis™ 3-phase separator and the Crystal™ 2-phase water-polishing unit. The Maxis™ can be placed directly at a wellhead to remove 85%-95% of the free water. The significant reduction in water volumes allows more oil throughput and a higher production without additional infrastructure. Maxis™ also offers a solution to aging production facilities with high water volumes. A Maxis™ separator will increase a facility fluid-handling capacity, improve oil recovery and optimize the existing equipment performance.

Being both a technology developer and provider, Genoil’s can tailor each process and equipment installation to the specific client needs.