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China backs Iran and Pakistan, and will replace the United States in Afghanistan as its ally with Pakistan as the United States forces withdraw.  The projection of force by the United States in Afghanistan could never have succeeded under these circumstance with Pakistan and China actively opposing the United States presence there.   Pakistan and Afghanistan are critical components in China’s defense perimeter against India where China cannot allow the United States and India to form an outflanking action in Afghanistan against Pakistan.  Iran is outside the Chinese defense perimeter as China is still developing into a sea power to protect its lines of oil supply and project its power to secure Iran.  In the meantime, China has armed Iran with its most advanced missiles that can be nuclear tipped, and those nuclear bombs for tipping being available in the black market, so that Iran can secure itself.  Iran is a strategic source of oil for China.  China cannot allow itself to be found in the same position as Japan in 1941 where most of its oil came from insecure sources and was cut off by the United States, Britain and the Netherlands in July of 1941 as a act of war to protect Russia’s eastern borders against a Japanese attack while the Germans were rapidly advancing towards Moscow.  That threat from Japan was tying up 1.5 million Russian troops on the eastern front with China and Manchuria.  That is a major reason for the rapid development of armaments of the most advanced type in China so much so that its importation of arms from Russia has collapsed as it has replaced the Russian munitions with equipment manufactured in China of equivalent or superior quality.China has developed an anti-missile missile that can strike down a reentering satellite into the earth’s atmosphere at speeds greater than the standard United States intercontinental missile carrying nuclear bombs and its silent submarines have been surfacing undetected near United State aircraft carriers demonstrating the vulnerability of the United States fleet whose carrier task forces are a major means of projecting United States power as the Spanish Armada once was (swept away in the seas around Britain).  China’s manufacturing of silent submarines equipped with nuclear tipped cruise missiles are about 21 a year against 1 a year in the United States giving China the capability to project a force of nuclear tipped cruise missiles near to the shores of the United States as the United States did to the Soviet Union with the nuclear submarines armed with Trident cruise missiles during the Reagan Administration that balanced the nuclear force projection around the Soviet Union in favor of the United States making the land based missiles in Europe unnecessary.