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Bashar Abdalla

Middle East Consultant

Committed to sustainable development, Bashar Abdalla has fifteen years of experience in identifying, formulating, and solving a wide range of commercially driven engineering and environmental challenges. He is particularly focused on the extreme danger brought on by exploding demand for fossil fuels and growing climate change threatening the health of the world’s populations. Bashar Abdalla is working diligently with Genoil to develop and bring to market Genoil’s GHU upgrading technology.

“Technological advancement through innovation is the driving factor in our world economy without it our world economy would die.”  Bashar believes that Genoil’s technologies are capable of adding tremendous value to the existing upstream and downstream petroleum infrastructures. “The GHU for example can integrate right into the vast infrastructures in place. We don’t anticipate resistance to our new technologies because Sulfur emissions is one of the leading health concerns today and Genoil can eliminate most of it. Who can resist that?”

The Arabian Gulf region has emerged as one of the worlds fastest growing economies. With his distinguished engineering managerial and entrepreneurial background, Bashar is working on tremendous regional opportunities. With his local background knowledge, regional expertise and his local relationships, he is a great asset to the team. Bashar is excited about the UAE’s accelerated development, and is confident that through our new partnerships in the here in the Middle East that we could not benefit more from the local business culture.

Bashar Abdalla will assist Genoil as ambassador to the middle east to assist Genoil in closing deals in the Arabian Gulf and the wider MENA region. He has relationships in the region and is familiar with local culture.

Bashar Abdalla holds a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Manhattan College, New York City, New York. Bashar is fluent in English and Arabic.