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Angel Alexander Medrano Madrid

Specialist in Engineering of Drilling and VCDSE Methodology

Angel who is based in Villahermosa Tabasco has more than 13 years of professional experience and extensive knowledge in the field of drilling and completion of deep, vertical and directional wells in the ground with pressure conditions and high temperatures, and competences inherent to the application of the VCD methodology in projects.

After spending just over six (06) years as a Drilling Operations Engineer, from (2010 -2013), he has worked as a Design Engineer for Development Wells in the Carito, Santa Barbara-Pirital, Furrial and Travi in ​​the north of Monagas, Venezuela;

He worked as Coordinator in the field Travi considering the Geomechanical model of the area, due to the recurring problems of hole stability determining the optimal operational window, applying in turn for all projects the VCD Methodology. He has also held positions in Mexico since 2013 at Campo Ayatsil-Tekel and Samaria Luna, as a drilling design engineer; Monitoring and Evaluation Engineer at the Tsimin-Xux Field, developing the DSD-S and DEP-E for different locations in this field. In addition to operational follow-up evaluating risks and recommending best practices. All this under the VCDSE methodology. From March 2016, he held positions at the GSIAP in the area of ​​contracting strategies, to optimize the use of contracts with greater competitiveness, according to the conditions of the oil market. He also participated in the elaboration of referential agreements, annexes “C” and scope of the items. He has served as Ing of Drilling Design in the review of new fields and determination of type wells to establish self-sustaining business model.

Angel has worked with companies like CBM Ingeniería Exploración y Producción, S.A de C.V in Mexico, where Angel specialized in oil field technical assistance for the analysis of new fields, development and documentation of well type design.
He studied and background checked the Xikin, Pokche, Jaatsul, Esah and Cheek fields, in order to determine a type well for each field with detail of directional trajectory and TR design using the software Compass and Stress Check. Based on the established design and Xanab field statistics as an analogue field, he estimated the time of construction of the type well for the Xikin and Pokche fields, which would then serve as a basis for costing. It also determined the capacity of the required drilling equipment, operational risk analysis with mitigation plan and selection matrix of the best type borehole option. All this to establish the Business Case of the Comprehensive Exploration and Extraction Services Contracts. Production Asset Shallow Water Block 02.

In Mexico, Angel also organised teams for the analysis, development and documentation of the substantive aspects of procurement strategies for well services. Angel worked in the review of the current situation of the contracts of services of interventions to wells for the development of strategies that allowed to optimize the resources and to guarantee the operational continuity, analysis of use of resources, Bench Marking of international prices of construction of wells, cost analysis of services, contract analysis and generation of proposals of associated schemes, implemented segmentation of catalogs of concepts by complexity, promoting a greater competitiveness in the new contracting processes, ensuring the supply of the required services, all for the contracts managed by the Management of Intervention Services to Wells (GSIAP) of the Sub-Directorate of Services to Exploitation (SSE), Pemex Exploration and Production.

Angel worked as a Well Design Engineer, advising on the application of the VCDSE Methodology for the preparation of the DSD-D, DSD-S and DEP-E documents, recommending best practices for different locations of the Samaria Luna Production Asset, Subdirección of Terrestrial Fields of Pemex Exploration and Production. He was responsible for Engineering of Monitoring and Evaluation of Wells, through the application of the VCDSE Methodology, for the elaboration of Documents DSD-S and DEP-E for the Management of the Project Tsimin-Xux, in the Subdirection of Development of Fields, Pemex Exploration and Production . Performed operational monitoring functions evaluating risks and recommending best practices, under the VCDSE methodology. He performed functions as a Well Design Engineer, through the application of the VCD Methodology, for the development of well drilling programs for the Ayatsil Tekel Project Management, in the Campos Development Branch of Pemex Exploration and Production.

At Petróleos de Venezuela Sociedad Anónima PDVSA, in Venezuela he has worked as a well design engineer, with the development of exploratory and development drill programs, vertical and directional, in PDVSA reservoirs, with depths greater than 5,800 m, background pressures exceeding 6,200 psi and temperatures above 150 ° C and whose characteristics of the deposit demand a mechanical design demanding from the point of view of resistance to collapse, as well as the analysis of the geomechanical model of the field to determine the optimal operational window, in view of the serious problems of hole stability present in this field.